There are very few moments in our daily lives where we have complete silence; from our alarm clock in the morning, to the shower, the coffee machine, the radio, music, traffic noise, talking, etc. We are constantly surrounded by noise in our busy modern-day society and find it increasingly difficult to be alone, in silence and be at peace and connected with just ourselves. We live in a society that increasingly sees silence as being awkward and uncomfortable and being told the need to express, discuss, respond, and forgetting to sometimes sit back, listen and reflect.

Studies have shown that silence is extremely beneficial for your health and wellbeing, not to mention the positive social effects of being able to stop talking and start really listening to another person rather than feeling the constant need to reply and respond. Silence is great for you especially because noise at over 30 decibels (which is about the sound of a quiet rural area) have been found to be associated with high blood pressure, anxiety and stress.

Silence is letting your brain recharge, help you focus, help you better deal with emotional issues, and much more.

The Noise Diet aims to create awareness on the importance of silence in our lives and also help you regain peace of mind, one decibel at a time. Follow us today and take the challenge.


The Noise Diet


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