You Don’t Know What’s Good For You

A power blackout. Yes. Power blackouts can prove to be the most calming, connected, productive and creative silence that you’re forced into. I recently found myself in a 2.5 hour blackout at home on a windy night. Usually at this time, my family and I would have finished dinner. I’d be sitting in the dining room in front of my laptop with my mum sitting in the kitchen in front of her iPad. The TV would be on to fill in the background but no one would be watching. That night the electricity went, we rang the electricity company and they said it’d be an hour’s long wait (that ended up being 2.5 hours). Great, I thought. With no internet, no TV, my mum and I sat there busily lighting up candles around the room, looking through the windows to see if by chance any of our neighbours had any electricity, checking the door was locked. After that, there was nothing to do. We sat together around the dining table surrounded by candles and the sound of the wind outside. And that was a moment I won’t forget. The sheer silence, the absence of having to do something but just sitting there in silence in each other’s company. I felt a connection to my mother that I hadn’t felt for years. We talked but it was not in the usual hurried way, there was a calmness and sincerity that felt so comfortable.

This was brought to mind after one of our followers Magna drew that beautiful and inspiring picture below, the result of a power blackout. So bring on the blackouts! Or make your own ‘blackout’ by shutting everything down and lighting candles around the room. It’s quite magical without all that noise.


Photo courtesy of Magna Chan.


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