Map Some Noise

Using your smartphone, you can help with noise pollution in your city. NoiseTube is a research project in the form of a mobile app available on the iOS and Android platform which you can download and use to measure the amount of noise in your locale, tag it and upload it to the online server to create a collaborative noise map which others can view. Using a participatory approach through the input of the general public, the app creates a huge array of data that can be far more detailed than official versions.

So far the app has been downloaded by 10,000 people with 2,700 registered on the NoiseTube website. The website provides users a place to look up their locale and find more information about the noise levels in their neighbourhood.

Watch a demo of the app here:


2 thoughts on “Map Some Noise

  1. This is really interesting! We need something like this in the community! becoz not everyone likes going out to places where you cannot even hear yourself.


  2. Yes we’ve all been in extremely busy or noisy areas where we find ourselves screaming over other people or other noise in order to be heard. I know this has happened to me many times before in restaurants. A project like this aims to bring noise pollution into the spotlight.


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